Three headline reasons to provide Three Cheers Drinking:

1) Guests love it.

2) Staff enjoy their work more thus improving their work psychology.

3) It increases bar revenue.

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Our "Special Alcohol Service in Hospitality" (SASH) course takes about an hour to do, but saves countless hours of unwanted work into the future.

SASH Benefits

Our SASH course has its own unique theory, which it then demonstrates how to effectively implement when dealing with 10 common scenarios that arise in alcohol serving venues.

The course is online, accessible 24/7, easy to do and implement.

SASH has been widely shown to;

1) Up-skill experienced staff with new patron management techniques, as well as train years of experience into new staff thus giving them confidence and capability.

2) Maximise venue revenue i.e. increase it.

3) Improve relationships between staff and customers.

4) Decrease incidents of Intoxication.

5) Improve hospitality outcomes / customer satisfaction.

6) Increase venue safety for both customers and staff.

7) Improve job satisfaction and staff retention.

8) Decrease incidents of aggression and violence.

9) Improve the atmosphere and culture of a venue.

10) Improve venue's relationship with the community.

11) Improve venue's relationship with the authorities e.g. the police.

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Three Cheers Program

Brief explainer video on the process of completing the SASH course and then implementing the training into the venue.

Case Study

Between 2017 and 2019 a trial of our Three Cheers Program was conducted at a Sydney venue with the results being overseen by Deakin University. The venue was a well-known, typically well run venue that was sceptical they could make any marked improvements, but they were willing to give it a go. The results were telling: Approaching Intoxication decreased 55%, Intoxication decreased 75%, Violence decreased 500% (a complete cessation) and Aggression decreased 80%. These results were coupled by a 5% increase in bar revenue, with venue management interviews revealing they'd observed noticeable improvements in; hospitality patrons experience, enjoyment of staff in their roles, local amenity, relationships between staff and patrons.

View the full report here.

As mentioned, the venue’s patron management prior to the program was good and typical of what all licensed venues already do, but as shown there was significant room for improvement via our innovative Three Cheers Program. All venues that properly work through the program can expect to enjoy their own similarly successful, tailored results.

About Three Cheers' Founder

Sam Coffey is a seasoned hospitality professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As the Founding Director of Specialist Alcohol Management Services Pty Ltd, trading as Three Cheers Drinking / Training, Sam has been instrumental in developing innovative patron management techniques that have significantly improved safety and satisfaction in licensed venues. Our Three Cheers Program, which has been rigorously tested and proven to reduce intoxication and violence while increasing bar revenue, has earned recognition from the NSW Parliament. Sam's extensive background includes roles as an event producer, promoter, and manager, working with top-tier brands and high-profile events. His expertise in hospitality management is further supported by his education from the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.

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Video Testimonial

Matthew Tickle is a licensed venue manager who also has years of experience working in security at some of Sydney's highest profile bars. Here he talks about the process of putting his venue through the Three Cheers Program (SASH and the Manager's Course) and the positive benefits they've seen as a result. (Scroll down for more testimonials)


View feedback forms on SASH done by trainees who have completed SASH here.
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

I highly recommend the Three Cheers Training (SASH) program to anyone working in alcohol service and hospitality. Since adopting the program into our staff and security mode of operations, we have seen a definite and accountable decline in all ATL’s and other anti social behaviour. I see Three Cheers (SASH) as an essential addition to the successful and safe running of any licensed premises no matter where you are located. – Mark Gerber, CEO and Licensee

Solotel Group

Our managers, security and bar staff have been using their newfound approach and successfully have reduced the numbers of ATLs (Ask to Leaves). - Natasha Brennan, Operations/Human Resources Manager

Prince of Wales Hotel and the Gulgong Liquor Accord

The feedback from the overall experience from all participating venues has been positive. The structure of the SASH course is great, being able to complete the course in your own time online. Our first experience with implementing SASH into the venue was not long after we completed the course and is normally the hardest shift of the year – after the local country race meeting! I can honestly say we implemented MAW (Mood, Assist, Water; acronym from the course) and along with everything we learnt through the course had a very enjoyable and successful night, incident free. The patrons also noticeably appreciated the change with many surprisingly thanking us for it. - Rowena Ellis, Licensee and Owner of Prince of Wales Hotel, Gulgong, and Coordinator Gulgong Liquor Accord

The Orient Hotel, Sydney

The Orient Hotel saw some very tangible results from the training. These were: An immediate reduction in number of alcohol related assaults, reduction in compliance issues and regulatory visitation. increased revenue YOY as a result of increased visitation, enhanced customer service, improved customer feedback, better staff retention, Local Liquor Accord subsidies for training. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending the SASH program. This is a relevant and appropriate program for anyone operating a licenced premises in Australia. - James Stevenson, General Manager/ Licensee (2005-2015) Orient Hotel, The Rocks

Deakin Uni Supervised Trial of Three Cheers Program

One year trial of the Three Cheers Program overseen by Professor Peter Miller and Doctor Nic Droste from Deakin University at the Oxford Art Factory (OAF), Sydney. 

Data Results: Incident register data from (20 Jan ’17 – 20 Jan ’18) compared with incident register data from (20 Jan ’18 – 20 Jan ’19) showed total incidents, as a result of our Program, were down 56% in 2018 from 2017 figures; Approaching Intoxication down 55%, Intoxication down 75%, Violence down 500% (a complete cessation), Aggression down 80%. There was a 5% increase in bar revenue.

OAF management interviews revealed improvements in; hospitality patrons experience, enjoyment of staff in their roles, local amenity, relationships between staff and patrons.

Click here to view full report.

4.7 Stars from 1000+ Reviews

Feedback from those who have gone through our SASH Course has been extremely positive, regardless of whether the person is a 30+ year veteran in the industry or new to it.

This can be seen in the interviews of staff at the Oxford Art Factory in the Deakin University one year trial of the Three Cheers Program.

Click here to see those interviews.

(NSW) Avoid and Remove Demerit Points with the Three Cheers Program

Due to the successful Deakin University trial of our Three Cheers Program and successes had with other venues, in 2019 our Founding Director, Sam Coffey, appeared before the NSW Parliament’s Joint Select Committee on Sydney’s Night Time Economy. The Committee’s report on the inquiry was tabled in Parliament on 30 September 2019. Recommendation 30 (page 51) in the report said: “Venues should be incentivised to engage in innovative programs like the Three Cheers Training System”. These incentives can be seen in the “Incentives and Demerit Point System” where a Demerit point can be removed after 12 months by “Running extra training for staff, managers and security e.g. patron management technique training”, which describes our training exactly. It also stands to good reason that doing our Program and deploying it properly, will put a venue in a strong position not to incur a Demerit Point in the first place and thus be able to access the additional incentives in the System.


Q: Is this an online training course? A: Yes. Our SASH and Three Cheers Program courses can be done anywhere online (on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and at any time 24/7, all you need is an internet connection. In-person classroom style training is also available should you wish. Email Us for a quote.

Q: Can I get a demo of what the online course looks like? A: Yes, click here and scroll down to the Course Curriculum then click on the "PREVIEW" section.

Q: What's in the SASH (Special Alcohol Service Hospitality) Course? A: SASH goes through its own unique theory before practically demonstrating how to successfully apply it to 10 common scenarios that arise in alcohol serving venues.  

Q: How long does the SASH Online Course take? A: The SASH - FULL COURSE takes 1.5 hours and the SASH - SHORT COURSE takes just under 1 hour.

Q: What's the Three Cheers Program consist of? A: The Program is a 3 step process. The first is to do our SASH online course, with the Venue Manager additionally doing our Manager's Course. The second follows a system of basic implementation into venue operations as laid out in the Manager's Course, and the third evaluates the outcomes so as to make any necessary adjustments to get best results.

Q: Is implementing the Three Cheers Program a big change operationally for venues to make? A: No. The Program strengthens the positive things venues already do, whilst removing those things that cause negative outcomes. It then adds in easily implemented key new techniques that make a crucial difference.

Q: Are there discounts for venues or groups buying courses in bulk for their staff? A: Yes there are a number of different discounted packages available for venues / groups of varying sizes. Please Email Us for further details and to get your free quote.

Q: What if I have more questions? A: Please Email Us any further questions you have or email us your number and we'll give you a call.